The Sealing Nectar

Categories: Zikr

Supplication by Ibn Al’Ata Al-Iskandarani

Our Lord, we ask You to shower Your utmost blessings and Grace on our Master Muhammad and the family of our Master Muhammad, as You placed Your Blessings and Grace on our Master Abraham and the family of our Master Abraham, surely You are Most Praiseworthy and Benevolently Gracious Lord.
Our Lord, make us of those who submit wholly to You,
and of those who are attentively and permanently present in Your Holy Presence.
Our Lord, remove from us the ability to manage our needs besides what you intended for us, or any steps we take other than what You intended for us.
Our Lord, make us of those who confer all their affairs to You.
Our Lord, You belonged to us before we came to know ourselves; therefore, be for us since You brought about our existence and be for us as You were since primordial times, our Lord, and fit us in the cloak of Your holy utmost subtle kindness.
Our Lord, embrace us with Your Compassion and Holy care. Bring us out of the layers of darkness and remove from our hearts even the thought or any idea to manage our own destiny.

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