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Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem wa Salaatu wa Salaamu Ala Rasulihil Kareem ALLAH’S NEWS IS THE BEST NEWS: Yes, Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen, all praises are due to Allah AwJ, the Divine Sovereign Lord of Divine Mercy and Compassion. In-Sha Allah, Annoor Jami Mosque, Zawiya Fellowship will re-open this Friday June 12th, 2020 – 20th of Shawwal 1441 Hijri starting at Jum’a Salat prayer at 1:30 PM – Only 30% of the musalla capacity is permitted. Come earlier is better. Yes, Allah’s House, the Place of Worship is most essential for everyone’s faith. In-Sha Allah, with full gratitude to our Lord Allah AwJ, we will resume the listed gatherings: *Jum’a Salat prayers    *Friday Zikr Suhba after Maghrib Salãt prayers     *Sunday Majlis-Assembly of... More info

Allah Loves the Penitents

“Allah accepts the repentance of those who do wrong in ignorance, and who follow that by repenting quickly and reforming themselves. Such are the penitents whom Allah accepts, for Allah knows everything, and He is All-Wise“. (Quran 4:17) إِنَّمَا التَّوْبَةُ عَلَى اللَّـهِ لِلَّذِينَ يَعْمَلُونَ السُّوءَ بِجَهَالَةٍ ثُمَّ يَتُوبُونَ مِن قَرِيبٍ Friday Khutba by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili on Friday February 21st, 2020 C.E. at Annoor Jami Mosque, the 27th of Jamad-al Akhir 1441 Hijri. More info

Only Few of My Servants Are Grateful

“My Lord, grant me to be grateful for Your favor which You bestowed on me and on my parents, and allow me to only do good deeds that please you, and let me, by Your Mercy, be among Your righteous servants”. (Quran 27:19) رَبِّ أَوْزِعْنِي أَنْ أَشْكُرَ نِعْمَتَكَ الَّتِي أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيَّ وَعَلَىٰ وَالِدَيَّ وَأَنْ أَعْمَلَ صَالِحًا تَرْضَاهُ Friday Khutba by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili on Friday January 31th, 2020 C.E. at Annoor Jami Mosque, the 6th of Jamad-al Akhir 1441 Hijri. More info

Meeting Your Lord

“Whoever hopes to meet with his Lord, let him engage in doing righteous deeds, and never associate in his worship anyone besides his Lord”. (Quran 18:110) فَمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو لِقَاءَ رَبِّهِ فَلْيَعْمَلْ عَمَلًا صَالِحًا وَلَا يُشْرِكْ بِعِبَادَةِ رَبِّهِ أَحَدًا  Friday Khutba by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili on Friday October 25th, 2019 C.E. at Annoor Jami Mosque, the 26th of Safar 1441 Hijri. More info

Celebrate Allah’s Praises To Remain In His Nearness

“All of what is in the heavens and earth continuously celebrates the praises of the Divine Sovereign Lord, the Absolute King, the Most Holy, the Supreme Almighty, and the All-Wise”. (Quran 62:1) سَبَّحَ لِلَّـهِ مَا فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَا فِي الْأَرْضِ ۖ وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الْحَكِيمُ Friday Khutba by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili on Friday October 4th, 2019 C.E. at Annoor Jami Mosque, the 5th of Safar 1441 Hijri. More info

A Revelation from the Lord of All Creation

“All praises are due to the Divine Sovereign Lord Who revealed the Book to His servant, and Who made its proclamation straight  forward. A Book of leading values, to warn against intense unavoidable calamities [for those who deny the truth], and as a bearer of glad tidings for those who believe [in their Lord] and who do righteous deeds, that a bounteous reward is awaiting them. Wherein they will dwell forever”. (Quran 18:1-3) الْحَمْدُ لِلَّـهِ الَّذِي أَنزَلَ عَلَىٰ عَبْدِهِ الْكِتَابَ وَلَمْ يَجْعَل لَّهُ عِوَجًا Mushaf Shareef Tafseer Book Khutba by Shaykh Al-Akili on Friday July 20th, 2019 C.E. at Annoor Jami Mosque, the 17th of Dhil Qi’da 1440 Hijri. More info

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