The Sacred Message of the Glorious Quran




The Sacred Message Of The Holy Quran

 Commentaries and Interpretation of the Meaning of the Holy  Quran. Based on the Major Accredited Books of Tafseer In Plain English for Youth

 By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili

  • Hardcover | 570 pages
  • 18 cm X 25.5 cm X 2.5 cm
  • Weight 1020 gr.
  • Published : 15 April 2019
  • Publisher: Zawiya Fellowship
  • Language: English / Arabic
  • ISBN: 978-1-879405-04-2

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 24 × 4 cm


by Mahera Kamran on Zawiya Fellowship

This Quran tafseer is written in contemporary simple English and its very easy to understand even for those who have English as their second language. The book is lightweight and well binded with easy to read font size and font. This tafseer is able to convey the message well and it's heart touching when I read it. In short, I have not read any other translation/tafseer more effective than this. I am grateful to Allah that Allah has given special grace to our respected Shaykh Mohammad Al-Akili to convey the message effectively. الحمد لله ولشكرا لله

by Kashif R. on Zawiya Fellowship

Best English Quran Translation you will ever read. Clear, Concise, and easy to read. Highly recommend for Muslims and people who want to study the religion.

by Zubair S. on Zawiya Fellowship

Salam Alaykum. The Quran translation is an amazing book. It’s been a very long since I’ve read a book, and wanted to continue on reading it. The English is simple and very easy to understand and also it flows so great like a story. Once I start reading this beautiful book, it’s hard for me to stop and close it. 

by Sumaiya S. on Zawiya Fellowship

As-salamu alaykum, here is my review for the Holy Quran.




The Holy book was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), that began the journey and the beautiful religion of Islam as we know it today. The Quran has so many beautiful treasures in it, where many, like myself feel the love and mercy that the lord has to provide. As a individual who loves to listen and read the words of Allah, interpretations of the older translation of English of the Quran has made it difficult to understand what Allah is truly saying.


When you do not understand something, you tend to lose interest in it, but recently, when reading the new translation of the Holy Quran, I have finally learned of what Allah is saying, and what he is trying to tell his Ummah. It is so important to not only read what Allah is saying, but to truly understand it, and feel the love and guidance that only Allah provides. The Quran guides you towards the light, and gives you guidance, as well as gives us purpose.


This translation of the Quran has provided me with more understanding of my religion, as well as purpose to fully serve Allah, and learn more about our creator. This translation of the Quran has given me a sense of ease, where the fluency and the flow of each sentence gives me a feeling of satisfaction in understand exactly what Allah is saying. These are the words of Allah, which means that they should be easy to understand and also beautifully translated, as this Quran is.


I can only think of good things to say about this translation of the Quran, where the quality of the Holy Book is divine, as it should be. The divinity of Allah message should be clear and easily understood, and this translation of the Quran does all of that. This translation has brought me closer to my lord, and has done its purpose in doing so.



by Aaliyah P. on Zawiya Fellowship

The inner and outer beauty of this text truly shines through. Expect to be transported on a spiritual journey. You won’t want to stop reading. Every word has been carefully selected and truly inspires. It is an easy read to follow along with the Arabic text in the middle of the page and English surrounding the page. The book itself is hard cover with the greatest quality of paper. I look forward to continuing to read tonight inshallah. May you too feel inspired to purchase and read this wonderful and sacred text so you too can feel the connection I felt on first read.

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