The Grace and Splendor of Sidi Aqil


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The Grace and Splendor of Sidi Aqil

Shaykh Aqil Al-Manbiji Al-Omari

Author: Shaykh Ahmad bin Swaidan

Trans. by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili


120 pages

6 X 9

ISBN 1-879405-15-8

© 1990-2022 Pearl Publishing House – Zawiya Fellowship

Published in Canada by Zawiya Fellowship Books


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 3 reviews
by ILYAS on Zawiya Fellowship

Assalamualacum Warahmatulla wabrakatu,
Its really great feelings after reading “ The Grace and Splendor of Sidi Aqil” . This book give you knowledge about the life of great Auwliya Allah Hazrat Sidi Aqil Manbiji. The stories about Sidi Aqil Manbiji are heart touching and spiritually very informative. Sheikh Baba jee translated it in with full of love and respect that affects on the reader thoughts. Every part of the book give us great spiritual feelings and closeness with Allah Subhan wa-tal-Allah. How Allah give special awards to the loved ones. I really appreciate great effort of Sheikh Baba jee who gave us opportunity to read about a great Wali-ul-Allah Hazrat Sidi Aqil Manbji (Razi Allah Tala-un hu). This book really increase the love of Auwlia in your heart. May Allah give strong health and long life to Baba jee for this wonderful effort Ameen.
Jazak Allah Khai

by Anonymous on Zawiya Fellowship

By Allah SWT’s Grace, He allowed me to complete reading “ The Grace & Splendor of Sidi Aqil” this morning.
Thank you so much my Dearest Sheikh for this most precious gift.
At first, I didn’t really know who Sheikh Aqil of Manbiji was, but by the end of the book I felt so much love for him and sometimes I felt as if I was so close to him. I even cried when I finished the book because I didn’t want it to finish so quickly!
JazakAllah Khair my Dearest Sheikh Baba Jee for these precious books. I intend to begin the second one soon as well In sha Allah.

by Shareef on Zawiya Fellowship

The Grace and Splendor of Sidi Aqil rad. is filled with Grace and Nur. As I began to read I said to myself, “This book is Light” due to the immediate unfolding of Grace. Every word, every paragraph, communicated with my Soul. It is a Gift to the Seekers and a blessing for the home.