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Maryum Tariq

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم م Khutba Title: Prostrate and Come Closer Link to Khutba: https://zawiyafellowship.com/prostrate-come-closer/ Date: December 20 Author: Maryum Tariq Abu Huraira said that the RasoolAllah s.a.w says: “There is an hour on the day of Jumma, in whatever you ask for good and beneficial prayer it will be accepted.” Our life in this world depends on our deeds.  Our hearts are in the hands of Allah swt.  We must hold tight on to the rope of Allah swt, we must bond with the Quran, and we must follow the sunnah and traditions of RasoolAllah s.a.w.  Exercise patience and offer prayers to Allah swt.  The salat is too much but it is a happy deed for the true believers.  Endure what... More info

Ahmad Tariq

Benefits of Durud Sharif By Ahmad Tariq Answers our prayers  Drives away sorrow  Dispels all concerns   Fully forgives the person that reads it   Holds back potential reprisal for sins  Alters the benefits of grave   Stop sorrow and regret   Gives benefits of one’s share  Puts a protective shield on you   Relieves any hardships  Brings back inertness in the land  Revives the spirits of the people   Makes us recognize the truth  Makes us yearn for good  Makes anxiety and fear distant from us  Guides us and makes us free from suspicion and confusion  Dispels what befell us of worries and cloudiness  We will always be accepted and never rejected when seeking knowledge  Drives away depression   Relives our sufferings   Restores all major matters... More info

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