Zikr – Wazifa (Daily Supplication Prayers)

Wazifa (daily prayers). [Arabic-English Text] (Transliteration:) Ya Hayyu Ya Haleemu, Ya Qadeemu Ya Daa’imu, Ya Fardu Ya Witru, Ya Ahadu Ya Samadu, Astaghfirullah. (Translation:) O Ever-Living, the Most Forbearing, The Primal, the Ever-Lasting, The Unique, Unparalleled, The One and Only, Support of all things, Lord forgive me… (11 times) Ikhlas Sura (11 times) You can download the complete Hizbul Bahr to print as PDF Booklet

The Sealing Nectar

Supplication by Ibn Al’Ata Al-Iskandarani Our Lord, we ask You to shower Your utmost blessings and Grace on our Master Muhammad and the family of our Master Muhammad, as You placed Your Blessings and Grace on our Master Abraham and the family of our Master Abraham, surely You are Most Praiseworthy and Benevolently Gracious Lord. Our Lord, make us of those who submit wholly to You, and of those who are attentively and permanently present in Your Holy Presence. Our Lord, remove from us the ability to manage our needs besides what you intended for us, or any steps we take other than what You intended for us. Our Lord, make us of those who confer all their affairs to…

Prayers Soliciting Divine Protection

I place myself in the guardianship of Allah which cannot be prejudiced against, in the station of nearness to Allah which cannot be transgressed, in the defense of Allah which cannot be overcome, under the canopy of Allah’s veil which cannot be violated, in Allah’s defense that cannot be overcome, in Allah’s Trust that never gets lost. Whoever is in Allah’s proximity is well guarded, and whoever seeks the protection of Allah is protected. Surely Allah’s Majesty is manifest and no space is free of Allah’s sovereignty. Any eye intending harm to me will meet with vexation and humiliation by Allah’s leave. Most Magnificent is Allah, and all praises are due to the Divine Sovereign Lord. Surely there is no…

Du’a ul Haaja – Supplication

Earnest Supplication soliciting the Divine help. Invocations directed to the Holy One, the Divine Sovereign Lord Allah (swt) soliciting His help in resolving one’s concerns and to receive a favorable answers. When things turn unfavorable in one’s faith, life, health, family, children, when help is needed in fulfilling one’s immediate and ultimate goals, help during financial hardships, help in paying one’s debts, help in overcoming stress, despair or depression, help in dispelling worries, help in confronting evil eye, sorcery or the interference of jinn spirits in one’s life, when one needs to become free from common addictions, when one experiences fear, when injustice becomes one’s trial, when one needs Divine guidance, when one’s repentance needs validation, when one’s faith is…

Zikr, Celebrating the Divine Grace

All of you, come to Zikrillãh, answer the call of your Lord. Zikrullãh is the most valuable keyword that identifies direct access to the Holy Presence of one’s Lord. Zikrullãh is the engaging key that opens the gateways of one’s correct understanding of how one is being in the Divine Presence of Allah swt. Either in Jahr (verbal) or Munajat (silently, inner call), Zikrullãh is the most powerful interactive human expression that is inspired by Him swt Who teaches His creation how to respond to His Holy call. Either privately or in congregation, Zikrullãh is a rehearsal of submission to one’s Lord at the highest level ever. In fact, the actual instigator and initiator of the call is your Lord swt…

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