The Sealing Nectar

Supplication by Ibn Al’Ata Al-Iskandarani Our Lord, we ask You to shower Your utmost blessings and Grace on our Master Muhammad and the family of our Master Muhammad, as You placed Your Blessings and Grace on our Master Abraham and the family of our Master Abraham, surely You are Most Praiseworthy and Benevolently Gracious Lord. Our Lord, make us of those who submit wholly to You, and of those who are attentively and permanently present in Your Holy Presence. Our Lord, remove from us the ability to manage our needs besides what you intended for us, or any steps we take other than what You intended for us. Our Lord, make us of those who confer all their affairs to…

Du’a ul Haaja – Supplication

Earnest Supplication soliciting the Divine help. Invocations directed to the Holy One, the Divine Sovereign Lord Allah (swt) soliciting His help in resolving one’s concerns and to receive a favorable answers. When things turn unfavorable in one’s faith, life, health, family, children, when help is needed in fulfilling one’s immediate and ultimate goals, help during financial hardships, help in paying one’s debts, help in overcoming stress, despair or depression, help in dispelling worries, help in confronting evil eye, sorcery or the interference of jinn spirits in one’s life, when one needs to become free from common addictions, when one experiences fear, when injustice becomes one’s trial, when one needs Divine guidance, when one’s repentance needs validation, when one’s faith is…

Hizbul Bahr, Litany of Mercy Ocean

Shaykh ali abul hasan ash shadhuli, may Allah bless his soul, spoke of this litany hizb as “the instrument of protection and guardianship.” He said, “ if it is read in any place, that place will be preserved from harm, any jinn are dispelled, the fearful  are made secure, the sick are cured, and the anxious one is made peaceful..