Prayers Soliciting Divine Protection

Categories: Zikr

I place myself in the guardianship of Allah which cannot be prejudiced against, in the station of nearness to Allah which cannot be transgressed, in the defense of Allah which cannot be overcome, under the canopy of Allah’s veil which cannot be violated, in Allah’s defense that cannot be overcome, in Allah’s Trust that never gets lost. Whoever is in Allah’s proximity is well guarded, and whoever seeks the protection of Allah is protected. Surely Allah’s Majesty is manifest and no space is free of Allah’s sovereignty. Any eye intending harm to me will meet with vexation and humiliation by Allah’s leave. Most Magnificent is Allah, and all praises are due to the Divine Sovereign Lord. Surely there is no divinity worthy of worship and adoration except Him. Allah is Most Great. There is certainly no power or support except that which comes from Him, the Most Exalted and Most Magnificent. Allah’s Divine Light is manifest. Allah’s Sacred Words are spoken. Allah’s Holy Decree is exacted. Allah’s Magnificence is established and recognized. I repel all adversities and any aggression by the Divine decree of “there is certainly no power or support except that which comes from the Divine Sovereign Lord, the Most Exalted and Most Magnificent.” – “Allah will protect you against their ruse, for He is the All-Hearing and the All-Knowing Lord” – and Allah showers His blessings and grace continuously upon our master Muhammad, his family and all of his companions. All praises and praising are due to Allah, the Divine Sovereign Lord of all creations.

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