Tafsir al Manam

By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili

558 pages

6 X 9

ISBN 1-879405-03-2


© 1990-2022 Pearl Publishing House – Zawiya Fellowship

Published in Canada by Zawiya Fellowship Books



About the Book

This authentic sizable legacy is the sole reference book on dream interpretation according to Traditional Islamic precepts. It includes a vast dictionary of symbols (4300 entries indexed), and provides concise information on how to interpret your dreams.

First time in English, this unique indexed dictionary of dreams is made available to readers from all walks of life. It includes the opinions of most master cited hereinabove. The meaning of synonyms vary, though I have used some contemporary appellations, idiomatic phrases, Arabic terms, specialized definitions, as well as Islãmic terminologies and proper names in certain parts of this dictionary. It is important for the reader to commence by studying the Introduction, and the Guide To Using This Dictionary of Dreams before sailing into his search for the meaning of his or her dream. Except for a student, or a professional dream interpreter, one should take what applies to his prevailing circumstances, and discount the rest. The reader must use his wisdom and take what benefits him, and discard what does not suit him. The more knowledge and background one may have in this field, the easier it is for him to develop an understanding from this dictionary. However, the less knowledge one has, then reading this dictionary will help him ascertain a point of view on a day-to-day basis when he lacks the opportunity of knowing a wise Shaikh, or a dream interpreter.

It helps to identify a universal perception of things, and to recognize the human qualities in dream. The shift in cultural understandings varied throughout the history of mankind. The moral values also changed. For example, in contemporary Western traditions, a pigeon represents a fool, a dupe or a victimized person, while in the original understanding and valuation of a pigeon, it meant in Eastern traditions: A trustworthy messenger; a truthful friend; a comforting beloved; or a chaste wife. What a change, and a difference in moral standards! Once upon a time, piety meant something valuable, though in today’s cultures, as the moral standards are degraded, and outside of a religious significance, piety no longer connotes uprightness, devotion, faithfulness, allegiance, loyalty, etcetera.

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