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From Darkness to the Light  

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بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

From Darkness to The Light

Nov 13th 2020


  1. Friday prayers are for Muslims to come together and celebrate the praises of Allah SWT
  2. Allah SWT made Friday an Eid day for us
  3. Sayeedna Umar (RA) one day was crying about something. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked “Why are you crying?” Umar (RA) responded “Before up to now our religion was always growing and receiving blessings, now it is perfectly complete and anything that reaches completeness will soon start diminishing.”
  4. The entire creation is light as it was formed from density and the opaqueness
  5. Existence is light itself
  6. We do not divide in the Dunya nor in the Hereafter or else it will become very hard for us in the future
  7. Don’t be like those who only come out of their homes to show off
  8. Life is precious in Allah SWT’s sight
  9. If you find a true brother it's a true treasure especially brothers who will be brothers of yours in the Hereafter
  10. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says “3 things a Muslim must have to taste the sweetness of faith: He loves Allah SWT and His messenger more than anything else, to love/care for one another and to hate to go back to denial of the truth as much as he would hate to go to hell.”
  11. Allah SWT will say on the Day of Judgement “Where are those who love each other recognizing My Majesty? Today I shade them under my shade, there is no shade but Mine”
  12. Allah SWT’s deputies are those who love each other for Allah
  13. Good intentions will bring you to the right place
  14. Avoid jealousy, do not hate one another, do not bid higher than one another, do not turn your back on one another
  15. Never lie, as lying is the companion of immorality and both of them are in hell fire
  16. To be alone is better than to being with a bad friend


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