Numair Kamran

Categories: Youth Corner

1. Muhammad (PBUH) said: Every morning two Angels will descend from the heavens. One of them will say “Oh Allah, replace the spendings of whoever spends on Your path.” And the other Angel will say “Oh Allah, deplete to loses whoever holds back to what they have.”

2. Allah (SWT) gives an example of a village that lived in peace, it’s provisions come to it in abundance, then they denied that the provisions are coming from Allah (SWT). Then Allah made them wear the cloak of hunger because of what they did.

3. Whoever fears the standing of his Lord, his reward will be two heavenly gardens in Jannah and two more for the same person besides that.

4. It is not possible for people to compare Jannah and the hereafter to the comfort of the Dunya.

5. People who are attached to the Dunya are deprived and prevented from looking at the permanent life coming soon.

6. Jannah is prepared for the people who are reverent (Afraid) of their Lord and they are afraid of the consequences of disobeying Him.

7. Jannah is not only meant for the believers, rather, it is meant for the people who are fearful of disobeying their Lord.

8. To have constant fear of Allah one must make that fear a emblem in his heart

9. Jannah is closer to one then the distance between him and his shoelaces and hell fire is the same

10. Such people who use vein talk to try and mislead believers will surely be met with a most painful punishment


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