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Benefits of reading the durood shareef

Through asking Allah ( SWT ) to praise our Master Muhammed ( SWS ) within the durood shareef there are many different benefits that the servants receive ;

– After saying the 99 names of Allah ( SWT ) ( praising him ) we as servants are confident that Allah ( SWT ) will make the Qur’an to be noor that’s inside us and inspires us where we can learn from it.

– With this we may overcome feelings of sadness and despair

– Our short comings are overlooked and Allah SWT forgives ( and compensates ) any religious obligations we couldn’t meet with

– We are protected directly by Allah SWT

– Traces of sins erased ( including failure to do good )

– Easing the punishment of certain sins ( Easing = Asking Allah SWT to overlook these )

– Easing of sins that alter our provisions

– Easing sins that portray us as Muslims who are not cognizant

– Easing of sins that may cause destruction on a higher level ( Ex : Sins which caused Corona – virus )

– Protection of various unseen powers

– Allowing us to see that we only need Allah SWT and no one else to depend on

– Restraining of falling into wrong -doings and actions which displease, Allah SWT

– Restraining of being attached to anything in the lower world

– Any prayers in which we truly did not satisfy Allah SWT as the divine sovereign Lord, are to be fulfilled

– Relieving any sufferings of the Ummah

– Freeing of needing dependence on other creations ( for anything else other than Allah SWT )

– Anything that is difficult becomes easily

– Freeing from poverty or any debt one owes

– Protection from the evil eye and any jealously one may face

– Obtaining a place in our hearts for Allah SWT

– True understanding of the “real” knowledge

– Safety for future generations

– When we pass, to be within the company of the righteous ones

– For us to understand zhikir within the heart and not as a mantra, and with it to open the veils

– Never disregarding the presence of Allah

– Protection from the future trial of Dajjal

– Spiritual cleansing of the heart



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