Celebrating the Divine Name is Celebrating Gratitude

Hizbul Bahr, Litany of Mercy Ocean

Shaykh ali abul hasan ash shadhuli, may Allah bless his soul, spoke of this litany hizb as “the instrument of protection and guardianship.” He said, “ if it is read in any place, that place will be preserved from harm, any jinn are dispelled, the fearful  are made secure, the sick are cured, and the anxious one is made peaceful..   More info

Tunjeena Salawat-Durud

Translation: Our Lord, bless our Master Muhammad and the family of our Master Muhammad, and shower him with eternal blessings by which You save us from all hardships, diseases and calamities, and by which You fulfill for us all our needs, by which You cleanse us from all impurities, purify us from any wrongdoing, by which You raise us to exalted ranks in Your Presence, blessings to help us reach the utmost goals representing good and benefits in this life and after death. You are our Lord and Master Who answers all prayers and Who raises whomever He wants to high stations. All praises are due to You our Lord Who fulfills and satisfies all needs, Who helps to achieve the most important goals, Who removes... More info