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                             Ranks for deed


  1. Levels of Islam/ Ranks of Islam  

Each person gets a higher rank by how much they do for example if I do a lot of good deeds my rank will be higher but if I do less my rank won’t be as high.
2. We are all at lost but if we have faith and do good deeds, advise each other, and be patient  we will be safe
3. Islam is the only religion that Allah accepts
4. If we practice Islam more our reward will be more and if we practice Islam less or reward will be less
5. Patients is very important in our deen, business, life, in everything patients is a big part of Islam
6. Level of knowledge
the level of knowledge is different Allah has blessed everyone with different knowledge some might be more knowledgeable than others.
7. Allah is most forgivable
Allah mentions multiple times in the Quran that he forgives and he is merciful for example in Surah Al Zumar Allah says he forgives all sins
There are so many occasions where Allah says he most forgiving.
8. As much as you practice Islam your reward, level of knowledge and understanding is more
9. How your rank gets higher
in simple terms, you do more your rank is higher you do less your rank is lower.
10. We have to accept your destiny and say allahumdillah or mashallah
Because Allah has planned everything so you don’t question Allah.

                                                                   Owais Khan

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