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Your Lord is One  

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Your Lord is One                               Someyyah Tariq

Released: Feb 5 2021

Written: Feb 6 2021

  • Praise be to Allah (S.W.T) who honors us to recognize His oneness and made us among His guided servants.
  • Never tire or slack from celebrating Allah (S.W.T)’s praises.
  • The glory of Allah (S.W.T) doesn’t correspond to any similarities whatsoever.
  • Don’t let any other attractions distract you from celebrating Allah (S.W.T)’s praises.
  • Allah (S.W.T) is full of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Whatever you declare publicly or privately, Allah will call you to account for it.
  • If it weren’t for Allah (S.W.T) to maintain and control everything, nothing would have stood.
  • Allah (S.W.T) lets only elite people to celebrate Him.
  • Lord means sustainer and maintainer.
  • When we say Divine Sovereign Lord, that means all of Allah (S.W.T)’s attributes and Divine operating powers.
  • Rasolullah (S.A.W) says, “Whoever knows himself will know his Rab.”
  • Ali (R.A) says, “I recognized my Rab through my Rab.”
  • There is no other way to recognize Him but by Him (S.W.T) and through Him.
  • Faith is useless without knowledge. Knowledge is useless without deeds/actions. Actions are useless without sincerity.
  • It’s not possible to look for a Lord other than Allah (S.W.T).
  • You need knowledge to understand the Holy Quran, Kalamul Allah, and the teachings of Rasolullah (S.A.W).
  • Tawheed is recognizing, confessing, and proclaiming to the Divine Unicity of Allah (S.W.T). This is the foundation of recognizing Uluhiyah and Rubibiyah.
  • Those who need it(knowledge) will take it and those who don’t need it will leave it for others.
  • Some elite struggle to their last breath to learn about Allah (S.W.T). The first group works hard to receive their livelihood but Allah (S.W.T) provides provisions for the second group.
  • Majority struggle to make livelihood for the dunya but the minority struggle and study about Allah (S.W.T).
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Your Lord is one               Zainab
  • The ones who praise Allah (S.W.T) day and night will never slack
  • There is no faith without knowledge
  • There is no god but Allah (S.W.T)
  • We should never slack in praising Allah (S.W.T)
  • Allah (S.W.T) is the one who created the world in six days
  • We Are in this world to learn knowledge about Allah (S.WT) 
  • This world knowledge wont do any good in the after life
  • The knowledge of Allah (S.W.T) will give us an eternal life and Jannah
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Your Lord is One

Written: February 8, 2021

Delivered: February 5, 2021


  • Never slack in praising Allah SWT
  • We must maintain our focus in prayers and zikr. 
  • The Glory of Allah SWT does not accept comparison 
  • The Glory of Allah SWT does not resemble any creation
  • The Majesty of Allah SWT cannot be measured in any dimension. There is no time, space, or direction in His Holy Presence. 
  • Ayah “ Oh you who believe! Exalt The Praises of Allah SWT insistently, celebrate His praises morning and evening continuously. Such compliance to the commands showers Divine Grace on you. Allah is The One who is endowing on you His Grace and His angels constantly pray for you to get you out of the layers of darkness and into the light, and He is The Most compassionate towards the believers.” 
  • Allah SWT is full of knowledge and wisdom
  • To Allah SWT belongs the best of names and His creation exalt Him morning and evening. 
  • To Allah (U) is the final destiny of all
  • Ayah “ Indeed everything we created meets exact measure. Had it not been for you Allah SWTto create, nothing would have existed.” 
  • When a creation completes their term, Allah SWT creates a new creation to worship and exalt His Praises. 
  • Ayah “And all the faces will bow humbly on that day before His Majesty, Allah”
  • From the primordial times our Master RasoolAllah s.a.w is the first to submit, and to praise Allah SWT. 
  • Divine Sovereign Lord means all of Allah SWT’s Divine attributes. 
  • Ayah “ Say and proclaim, Allah is The One and Unique. Allah is The Sole Being Who is always sought and He is The Powerful and Dominant Being.”
  • Hadith “ Whoever knows himself knows their Lord.” 
  • Ali r.a says “ I found my Rabb through my Rabb.” 
  • Faith is useless without knowledge, knowledge is useless without actions, actions are useless without sincerity. 
  • It is impossible to look for another Lord other than Allah SWT, because there is no other Lord!
  • All of the creation is in need of Allah SWT, but Allah SWT is beyond any needs.
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