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The Right of Life  

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Right of Life

Written: 1/7/2021

Delivered: 1/1/2021


It is only Allah SWT’s law and order that rules everything. 


Ayah: “ To Allah belongs the entire forces of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is The Most- Wise and He is full of Might.”


We consent and accept that Allah is lord and Creator, and that Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah SWT and the seal of all the prophets. We consent and accept that Islam is our way of life, and that the Quran is our Imam and guide, and all muslims are our brothers and sisters. 


Maaz r.a narrates “ I was riding behind RasoolAllah s.a.w on a donkey on a small journey and RasoolAllah s.a.w said to me “ O Maaz, do you know Allah SWT’s rights upon the people and the people’s rights upon Allah SWT?” I replied “ Allah and His Rasool know best.” RasoolAllah s.a.w said “It is Allah SWT’s rights upon the servant to be adored and worshipped, and to associate no one with Him. It is people’s rights upon Allah SWT to never let suffer anyone who does not associate anyone with Allah SWT.” I said “ O RasoolAllah shouldn’t I go and tell people this good news?” The Messenger replied “ No, do not tell them or they will become lazy and will not commit.” 


An abd is a human being and a human being is the property of Allah swt. 


Ayah: “ I only created the human and jinn for one purpose and that is to worship Me.” 

This worship in this ayah means to completely accept The message and fully submit to The Might and Will of Allah SWT.


Ayah: “ Whatever calamities befall the earth or yourselve is written in a book and We will cause for it to take effect. The History before the History and time before time. In order for you to not become traumatized for what escapes you nor become overjoyed with what I grant you , Surely Allah does not like the prideful and boasting slave.” 


Every human being has complex possibilities to perform a lively function in existence and to communicate with others. 


Allah SWT gave us the right of choice, we have the ability to learn, grow and advance in our intelligence on the path. 


Allah SWT is The only Provider and the Creator Who has absolute control and power over all matters. 


“ O Mankind!What kind of self deception misled yourself with from The Gracious Kind Lord, Who create you and fashioned you in the wombs of your mothers. He Who made you stand up straight and modelled you in any appearance He wants. There is no Creator besides Allah, He created everything and everything He has created is a perfect existence.” 


Allah SWT gave men and women the choice to do what is good and beneficial  and to do what is wrong and harmful. 


Never worship or follow shaitaan for he is the avowed enemy of humanity. 


Hold tight firmly to what was revealed to you. 


Unjust people bring calamities and Allah SWT’s Wrath upon themselves by their actions. They spread corruption on the lands and sea, to all of humanity and consider it their birth right to destroy and spread evil. They call freedom to do whatever you want without thinking of the consequences. These people think freedom means to have no values and to violate the rights of Allah SWT and His creation. 


Hadeeth/Ayah:  “ Everything We created meets an exact time and measure, and Our Command is just a single word and it will take effect in the blink of an eye.” 


Nuh a.s said to his people: “ O my people! Worship and adore Allah for I fear for you a painful day a punishment will come.” 


Allah SWT is well aware of what you are doing. 


People fail regularly if they do not stay in  a  constant state of zikr . 


Hadith “ Whenever a believer sins or commits wrong it will etch on his heart a stain. If he repents, his heart will be polished again. If his wrongdoings increase the stain will become bigger.” 


Hadeeth: “ temptations will come before every heart  straw by straw. Whichever hearts embody those temptations it will darken and blacken. Whoever controls and ignores the temptation their heart will be polished and will shine.” 


Don’t fall into tiny mistakes do not surrender yourself to these temptations.

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