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Pray at home  

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Pray at home

- Many of us have closed our ears and turned away from the truth
- we should seek knowledge at such times 
- People who run from death, death will come to them itself when the time comes 
- People say they want everything to "turn back to normal", "what is normal?", Before wasn't normal
- Islam is what needs to turn back to normal 
- Islam needs to be more then just a name, we need to walk on the path with the guidelines of Allah S.W.T and live a life according to Islam
- We are living in hard times, times where we need to turn back to Allah S.W.T for our own benefit
- We should never deny the truth
- Muslims should live a Muslim life
- Places of worship are closed, we should pray with our hearts because this is all our Lords doing 
- Ask for forgiveness
- Repent to Allah S.W.T
- Be ready for the last hour
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