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Divine Salutations and Divine Regards  

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  • The ablution upon ablution is light upon light, prayer is light 
  • Allah SWT says that I am with you if you maintain the salat 
  • Allah says I am with you indeed if you maintain established salat, and do your zakat charity, and you believe in my messengers and you support them, and you loan to Allah a good loan. The reward of that will blood out all your wrong doings 
  • And it will allow you to enter paradises beneath rivers
  • And whoever renegs the truth will have gone astray to the worst of paths 
  • Once you go to salat you are with Allah SWT 
  • Whoever isn't in that presence of Allah will be removed from that other than the one who repents and corrects his actions 
  • And doing so requires to do what Allah said and to do what is required in our religion 
  • In the salat the combination of the benefit of salat attahayat u lillahi this is noor from Allah with shrouds with unspeakable mysterys the heart of the abdh when he says attahayat u lillahi immediately the light of Allah shrouds the heart of that abdh from within, these are the divine lights that increase and do not fade this in the dunya only. In the dunya the abdh reaches that state among those that are close to their lord, Allah's richius servants 
  • Allah SWT said that Allah's mercy is certainly not far from the ones who do good 
  • This is what will matter i  the dunya and akhirah, what all believing men and women believe and expect from their lord to fulfill 
  • Tahyat is the plural of the word tahiya which comes from the root hayat (life) so Allah SWT when he grants that tahiya he grants that blessed life to the abdh. And the regard s and greetings of the everything will remain forever, eternal. 
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  • Doing ablution over ablution is light upon light and is a good deed 
  • The last hour is approaching
  • The world has divided in to two, believers and non believers
  • Reading salah is being in contact with Allah S.W.T
  • We should keep our prayers daily at hard times
  • If we don't keep our prayer daily we are on a very wrong path
  • we should turn to Allah S.W.T and ask for repentance because Allah S.W.T is most forgiving and all knowing 
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Divine Salutations and Regards

Written: 1/16.2021

Delivered: 1/8/2021


  • Salat is the most magnificent grace required by the sharia. In salat there is give and take, there is nearness to Allah SWT. 
  • Ablution (wudu)  is Noor. Ablution over ablution is light upon light. 
  • Ayah: “ I am with you, if you maintain your salat.” 
  • In Salat we connect with Allah SWT and declare that we belong to His kingdom and are among the ones who worship and obey. 
  • Athiyaat is salutations which is Noor from Allah SWT which shrouds the hearts of the believers with unspeakable divine mysteries. 
  • Sayyidina Omar r.a explains the atahiyaat as: “ The atahiyaat, salutations belong to ALLAH SWT and are from Him. Surely, the best and most pure salawat comes from Allah SWT.” 
  • Sayyidina Abu Bakr r.a says: “ The atahiyaat is the Mercy of Allah on His servant.”
  • Righteousness manifests from patience and acceptance to Allah SWT’s will.
  • Allah SWT’s Mercy is near to those who recognize Him.
  • Rasoolallah s.a.w is the dominating power over the hearts of the believers who truly love him. 
  • The definition of salat is to consent and embrace, to join the infinite number of creation all of those whom testify and worship The Absolute Lord, Allah SWT.To embrace the universal consensus fact, in salat we do not stand alone.
  • Salat is the prayer for the abd to come out of the darkness and into the light. 
  • Salat is not accepted without the Fatiha. 
  • The salat is a lote tree seedling for the abd in the duniya to reach the actual sidratul muntaha in the akhira. 
  • In the duniya, the attahiyat  was given after the  sidratul muntaha to Sayyidina RasoolAllah s.a.w who says “ Salat is the miraaj for the mumin.”
  • Allah SWT will not talk to a mortal person except through a veil. 
  • Salat is the title of supplication. Salat is the crown of tawba. 
  • Only Allah SWT’s decree will take place and surely He has the power over all things. 
  • The greatest testimony to ever be spoken is “ Allah witnesses between you and me, and He is The Supreme Subjugator over all of His creations. He sends heavenly beings to watch over you until one of you dies then our messengers will take you back without delay and negligence. They will be brought back before their Lord. Surely to Him belongs the judgment and He is The most quick of all reckoners. To Allah belongs all the commands before and after, and on that day of judgement the believers will enjoy. Allah is The One who holds your souls at night and He knows what you did during the day. Then, He brings you back to life during the day until the term He set up for you is satisfied. Then, to Him you will return and He will tell you all of what were doing in your life in the lower world.” 


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