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Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem wa Salaatu wa Salaamu Ala Rasulihil Kareem


Yes, Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen, all praises are due to Allah AwJ, the Divine Sovereign Lord of Divine Mercy and Compassion. In-Sha Allah, Annoor Jami Mosque, Zawiya Fellowship will re-open this Friday June 12th, 2020 – 20th of Shawwal 1441 Hijri starting at Jum’a Salat prayer at 1:30 PM – Only 30% of the musalla capacity is permitted. Come earlier is better.

Yes, Allah’s House, the Place of Worship is most essential for everyone’s faith. In-Sha Allah, with full gratitude to our Lord Allah AwJ, we will resume the listed gatherings:

*Jum’a Salat prayers    *Friday Zikr Suhba after Maghrib Salãt prayers     *Sunday Majlis-Assembly of reciting Salawãt–Durud, invoking Blessings upon the Prophet (uwbp) after Maghrib


  1. Anyone who travelled in the past 14 days must observe personal quarantine for 14 days before joining the congregation.
  2. If a person has been in contact with someone infected or has any sign of the infection due to the virus, they should stay at home for at least two weeks prior to coming to the masjid (even if they have tested negative).
  3. Take your wudu–ablution at home before coming to mosque, unless renewal of wudu is necessary then it can be done in the wudu area.
  4. Every person must bring his or her own personal prayer mat.
  5. Hand washing with soap and water upon the entry of the mosque is required in the ablution area before coming up to the Musalla even if you washed your hands at home.
  6. Social distancing in the mosque is required. Prayer mat must be placed on the marked (blue or pink) surface keeping two empty spaces between people in the line.
  7. Only family members from the same household can pray side by side.
  8. Please continue to observe social distancing during entry and exit and in the wudu area.
  9. First comers will sit in the front and the rest will fill up designated prayer spots.
  10. Please respect Islamic dress code in Allah’s house.

May Allah SwT bless you all, and make this re-opening a new re-start and strengthen our faith, devotion and unity on His Straight Path.

With my best regards, Du’a for everyone’s safety and well-being Wassalaam.

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili
الزاوية العقيلية العمرية
Annoor Jami Mosque
Zawiya Fellowship
E-mail: info@zawiyafellowship.com



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